Chaotica Progression

I wanted to make a gallery to show snapshots of all my fractal works. These are incomplete renders, and often at small sizes- but occasionally I'll render one to wallpaper size or full-scale so you never know what you'll find.
Files are numbered with the date and the numeric order in which I save them- and I save EVERYTHING that catches my eye.
I have parameters for all of these and would probably be willing to share upon request. Send me a note for particular files on my username is etomchek. :)
***Note: see a number or two missing? It's probably over in the wallpaper gallery. Several have been rendered at wallpaper size and I moved them over there instead. See one in the progression gallery that's 1920x1200/1080 pixels? It means I've missed it. Feel free to let me know.

These works are all ©2000-2016 Elizabeth Tomchek Welker. They are free for limited personal use as computer desktop wallpaper, but are not to be modified, redistributed, or used in other works of art, for sale or for personal use. I make fractal art because I enjoy sharing it - don't be the jerk that ruins it for everyone because you want to do something stupid like steal it and say you made it instead of me. Thanks!

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